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After suffering a serious injury due to the neglect of others, you likely have many questions about the process of obtaining a lawyer who will be committed to your case and get you the compensation you deserve. Below is a list of questions I frequently hear. I also recommend scheduling a free consultation now or calling (504) 513-8820.

I've represented families whose loved ones were killed because an 18-wheeler driver was not paying careful enough attention, or where a commercial van was speeding and caused a 4-car pileup. I've handled workers compensation cases involving death and disability, products liability cases where adults and children were badly injured by dangerous products, and maritime cases involving traumatic amputations. Chances are, if you have been badly injured, I've handled a case like yours.

I recently achieved a 7-figure verdict for clients in a jury trial, and it's far from my only win. I hope your case settles, and I'll do everything in my power to make that happen. But when the insurance company refuses to be reasonable, I've got the skill to present your case to any jury in the state.

Chances are, the answer to this question is "yes". I've dealt with lawyers at every large firm in the city, and I'm not easily intimidated. The defense often has more lawyers and more money to throw around. What the defense rarely has is skin in the game. I self-fund most of my cases, meaning we are in this together. If I'm willing to put my own money on the line, then you can be sure I believe in your case and will do all that I possibly can, legally and ethically, to achieve the best result possible for you.

Again, probably so. I've dealt with most insurance companies at one point or another, and it's important to understand the differences among them.

If your case settles pre-suit, my fees are 33 â…“%. They go up from there, but I think you'll find the invesment worthwhile. If not, we'll sit down and try to work it out.

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