Insurance Disputes

When homeowners purchase an insurance policy and pay their premiums, they have a reasonable expectation of policy fulfillment. After all, people buy insurance coverage for a reason—so that if something bad happens in life, they will have the financial resources needed to recover. Unfortunately, insurance companies sell policies for a different reason—to make a profit. Essentially, when it comes down to a choice between protecting their profits or honoring their obligations to a policyholder, the policyholder often loses.

If you need an insurance dispute attorney, call Jeff Green at 504.722.3149. I can review your insurance policy to determine if you have a case.

I represent homeowners and business owners in insurance disputes to help ensure the policyholder is protected against bad faith insurance tactics by their insurance carrier. I aim to hold insurance companies responsible in fulfilling insurance claims in a timely and lawful manner. I handle insurance disputes, including damages arising from:

  • Severe Storms
  • Tornados
  • High Winds
  • Hurricanes
  • Lightning
  • Flooding
  • Other natural disasters covered by insurance policies for home owners and businesses

Contractual Disputes

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I have represented clients in insurance claims for many years, working both as an insurance company defense attorney and increasingly as an advocate for individual and corporate policyholders. I understand the complexities of insurance policy language and how to interpret the many provisions that such policies contain. By carefully analyzing policy language and the facts of your situation, I can determine the true value of your claim. I aim to negotiate favorable settlements in advance of litigation, but I am ready to hold insurance companies accountable should they force litigation.