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Hurricane Claims

Since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita made landfall in Louisiana in 2005, homeowners insurers have denied thousands of Louisiana homeowners’ claims.

Typically, insurers will rely on certain coverage exclusions in order to tell you that your homeowners claim is not covered under the policy you have been faithfully paying on for years. If you have ever attempted to read your insurance policy, you know that the exclusions section is voluminous, vague, difficult to understand and unnecessarily complicated. The Coverage section giveth, the Exclusion section taketh away. It’s important to hire an experienced insurance attorney who understands your coverages and exclusions, and knows how to make the insurance company pay valid claims even when the insurance company may not want to.

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I have the knowledge and experience to review your policy and determine what compensation you are entitled to. Some homeowners insurance policies allow for compensation related to Additional Living Expenses if something happens to your home if you lose your home. Other policies provide for full replacement value, or Actual Cash Value, of the contents of your house. Many policies have different deductibles for the type of storm that hits. Needless to say, with all the complexity and potential sources of confusion, it is beneficial to have a representative willing to fight for you against your insurance company.

I once represented insurance companies. I am familiar with their tactics, protocol and adjustment procedures. I can help you in your time of need.

Wind vs. Water Disputes

Many homeowners insurance claims are denied when an insurer claims that a home was destroyed by water and not by the high powered winds from the storm. Insurers often use “Ant-Concurrent Exclusions,” which state that if damage occurred to a house as a result of a covered loss (wind) and a non-covered loss (water), then the insurance company will not pay the claim even if the wind would have destroyed the house independent of the water. Needless to say, in an insurance climate like that, many Louisiana homeowners are left with only one option: to hire a Louisiana hurricane claims attorney who will protect their legal rights.

I have the experience and knowledge to handle your residential or commercial hurricane claim. I move quickly into the investigation stage, employ leading experts and adjusters, and work hard to recover the compensation you deserve. You can reach us 7 days a week at (504) 513-8820 to discuss your claim.

I offer free initial consultations and will take your hurricane insurance claim on contingency fee, meaning you pay nothing of my fee unless you recover. Contact me to discuss your hurricane claim today.

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