Academic Matters

Jeff Green is proud to represent students accused of academic violations at Universities and Colleges receiving undergraduate, graduate level or post graduate degrees.

If you or a loved on has been accused of an academic violation, it’s important to hire an attorney experienced in representing clients before Academic Hearing Panels. There are few hearings more one-sided than an academic violation hearing involving a student in a university, graduate, or doctoral program. For starters, your accuser is often allowed to report your behavior to an administrator, file a report, and then completely remove himself from the process. You typically have no right to face your accuser, but everything he has said can still be used against you.

Your college or university may ask you to meet with an administrator, sometimes called a Student Advocacy and Accountability Officer – DO NOT meet with this individual until you have consulted with your attorney. It is this individual’s job to bring charges against you at a later hearing date. While he or she may also decide to drop your case, it is important to consult with your attorney before the meeting to assure that you present your case properly.

If you want to use any materials to prove you did not commit a violation, you will have to submit those materials in advance of the hearing for the University to review. On the other hand, the University often will only let you view but not copy the materials it plans to use against you. It is important to review those materials as soon as possible to prepare your defense.

In Court, statements made outside of Court cannot be considered due to the unreliability of second and third hand testimony. Before an Academic Hearing Panel, ANY statement made by anyone, present or not, which is recounted by someone present can be considered and ultimately used against you. Considering the “fast and loose” nature of such a proceeding, it is important to hire an attorney who can think on his feet and who knows how to best represent you under the circumstances.

Academic Matters

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If you have been accused of an academic violation at a college or university, call Jeff Green immediately to discuss your case before you meet with anyone in administration.